in additon to my education, 
my time has been spent working across the globe.

you can download my pdf portfolio here.

recent collaborations include:

ddb chicago, saatchi & saatchi, young & rubicam, publicis, 
telus, chevron, ddb new york, idn magazine, stu magazine,
toyota, city of melbourne, vodafone, designer magazine,
digit magazine, design graphics magazine, curvy book. 

what has struck me the most, throughout these experiences, is:

if you follow what you love for a living
you will be replete.

you might be rich, you might be poor, you might be a knight,
you might be a fisherman or an aviator. you might be married 
with kids or without. you might be wandering wild-eyed 
and homeless across the globe but you will have yourself.

and that is a beautiful thing to wake up to.

* image collaboration with robert skot mcmillan
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