Ineffable songs, the inevitable sequence of events, Bataille, tobacco, liquids, quicksand, Bambi, miniature things, Walt Whitman, opals, junk-food wrappers, moonshine, outer-space, Jospeph Cornell, bad tattoos, e.e. cummings, Nijinsky, telepathy, hurricanes, rabbits, black-hearts, lip-gloss, India, arrows, Japanese aesthetics, dreaming, Rimbaud, mnemosyne, scars, the rib-cage, Tarkovsky, stars, the car-wash, tv-dinners, bubble-gum, silver costumes, cold charm, women in men's clothing, murmurs, skeletons, fat babies, broken watches, vodka, heartbreak, kinky stockings, bruises, Coco Chanel, silent films, red paint, tuberose, teensy weensy cars, fabrications of truth, miles of highway, desert, flight, the space between your two front teeth, the cello, hamburgers, Sappho, nuance, jumping from balconies, hot rain, vin rouge, wall to wall carpeting, high heels, shacks, sewers, New Orleans, vanilla, wigs, watching you roll cigarettes, the glimmer, being nowhere, black swans, anything to do with vampires, bed, ball-gowns, phantom love, sea-sickness, your aura, Rome, feathers, light winds, Mexico, Morrocco, home-sickness and love-sickness.

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